Hunting Ava Bravo (2022)

Kate del Castillo stars in the thriller Hunting Ava Bravo, in which billionaire sportsman Buddy King unwinds on his remote mountain estate by hunting human captives. But his most recent victim, Ava Bravo (Kate del Castillo), is no easy prey.

The film, directed by Gary Auerbach and written by Julie Auerbach and Kevin Tavolaro, also stars Marc Blucas in the lead role.

Buddy King, a billionaire sportsman, is on the hunt for people who have survived traumatic events. He abducts them and pursues them on his remote mountain estate.

But his most recent victim, Ava Bravo, is no easy prey. Ava confronts her twisted captor, sparking a bloody battle of wills…and soon bringing an even greater threat from deep within the snowy woods.¬†Watch more Goo jara movies free unlimited streaming within a click.

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Title: Hunting Ava Bravo (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Thriller
Directors: Gary Auerbach
Writer: Julie Auerbach, Kevin Tavolaro, Marc Blucas
Stars: Kate del Castillo, Marc Blucas, Halem Medina