He’s All That (2021)

Watch He’s All That 2021 Goojara ch movie online streaming free in full HD rip without any registration. Influencer Padgett Sawyer (Addison Rae) suddenly loses a significant number of followers after freaking out on a live video. The reason for this: She discovers her friend and music star Jordan Van Draanen (Peyton Meyer) with someone else when she wants to surprise him. As a result, her sponsor Jessica Miles Torres (Kourtney Kardashian) withdrew Padgett’s support – and thus the funding for the college.

So Padgett hatches a plan to regain her popularity as well as her followers: give an uncool guy from high school a makeover so that she will eventually be named a prom couple with him. Her friend Alden (Madison Pettis), with whom she makes a bet in this regard, Padgett chooses her subject: the misanthropic Cameron Kweller (Tanner Buchanan), who is far from popular. If that works out?

Right from the start, the film – a remake of She’s All That with reversed gender roles – is bursting with falsehood: from the live videos to the clich├ęs and influencers to the above-average self-confident tennis girls. Perhaps the film wanted to convey exactly this toxicity of social media, but has chosen the wrong path here. The dance and karaoke scenes that are too long are more embarrassing than good. Even if He’s All That has a few fun parts, the film remains pretty predictable.

Movie Overview

Title: He’s All That (2021)
Genres: 2021 Movies | Comedy, Romance
Directors: Mark Waters
Writer: R. Lee Fleming Jr.
Stars: Addison Rae, Tanner Buchanan, Madison Pettis