Black Wood (2022)

The Dutch Wilder Gang captures Dowanhowee and, after violent questioning, finds value in her and forces her to help them with their mission: to uncover a buried vein of gold. They quickly learn that they must work together and battle for their lives since they have accidentally awoken an ancient, voracious beast known as the Wendigo.

She is forced to accompany the group across the perilous terrain, and she leads them deeper into the darkness, where they are assaulted by a nasty, old demonic thing. Watch more Myflixer free unlimited films for streaming within a click.

Black Wood Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Black Wood (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror, Western
Directors: Chris Canfield
Writer: Chris Canfield
Stars: Bates Wilder, Stelio Savante, Glenn Morshower